Kirkyl- Engineered Steel Solutions


Who We Are



Kirkyl is a design and manufacturing company, specialising in innovative, problem solving solutions. Kirkyl manufactures a wide range of products using mainly, but not exclusively, light gauge steel framing.

Kirkyl is based in Central North Island, New Zealand and has design offices in Napier, Auckland, Christchurch and Delhi, Northern India. The main manufacturing and assembly plant is in Auckland and products are shipped nationwide from that factory. There are other smaller manufacturing plants around the country as well as stock holding facilities in various centres.

Kirkyl also has a wide range of associated products, which complement, the steel framing.






Kirkyl began in 2007 designing and manufacturing purpose built products to address specific problems in various industries. In 2010, the Kirkyl founder, Nigel Dickinson was asked to submit an engineered solution for the safe repair of earthquake damaged chimneys. A concept was submitted and a trail was conducted. The Kirkyl concept was accepted as the design of choice and to date over 200 successful designs have been done.

“Chimneys are responsible for more injuries and damage than any other single item in the home”
Minister Nick Smith, supported by ACC.

What started as a system to repair damaged chimneys, has evolved into a very clever system which is used in the manufacture of chimneys and other structures for new builds, strengthening existing “at risk” structures and variety of other building applications focused on earthquake safety and speed of design, manufacture and installation.

Kirkyl works closely with world renowned designers, engineers and manufacturers to provide a complete and professional solution.


What We Do




Our standard S.A.F.E chimney frame takes on many different forms for many different applications. 



New Builds

Kirkyl designs and manufactures a range of standard S.A.F.E chimney frames which housing companies include in their portfolios. Kirkyl will also design and build bespoke chimneys for the architecturally designed homes and chimneys for larger buildings like clubs and hotels.


Heritage Replicas

Many owners of older heritage type homes are wanting to remove their fire places to free up space in their homes. Councils are quite happy with the removal of the fireplace, but they insist on the real brick chimney remaining to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the house. Kirkyl has a range of replica light weight chimneys made from the Kirkyl S.A.F.E steel frame and a proprietary real brick cladding system. These replica chimneys are attached to the roof. The replica chimney’s appearance is authentic and they look exactly like the original, but they do not encroach on the living space or attic space within the home.



Chimneys which are damaged or destroyed by outside forces like earthquakes, cyclones or other disasters, can be re-built using Kirkyl designs. The re-built chimney can be made to replicate the original, even to the point of re-using the old bricks if required. The re-built chimneys are all earthquake resistant.



“At risk” chimneys can be made safe. The “at risk” portion is removed under controlled conditions and replaced with an engineered strong safe equivalent which is fully functional and looks exactly like the original.


Its what’s on the inside that counts.

Kirkyl uses the latest in cutting edge technology and innovation to engineer solutions that are built to stand the test of time. Which is why we use 100% New Zealand Axxis Steel in all our solutions. The strength and durability of Axxis steel ensures that when you choose Kirkyl, you choose a product that not only ticks all the safety boxes but is a solution that is just as effective in years to come.



Axxis® steel is exceptionally strong and built for the toughest conditions. It is fire resistant, strong and has been shown to have excellent earthquake resistance. Its durability means that it won't rot or support mould growth and it won't suffer from borer or other insects.


Axxis® steel has been developed and tested by New Zealand Steel, for New Zealand conditions. Galvanised with a 100% zinc coating for protection, it is backed by a 50-year Durability Statement, so you can trust that Axxis® steel will stand the test of time.

Steel Framing – A Healthier Choice

  • It’s free of the harsh chemicals that are used to stop timber from rotting, and it can’t harbour mould or mildew spores. For your family, that means less exposure to chemicals and fewer problems with allergies and asthma. This is why our Axxis steel framing has been approved as a Sensitive Choice Partner by the Asthma Foundation.
  • We are also proud of the fact that our steel frame systems are 100% recyclable making this solution a tick for your health, a tick for the community and a big tick for the environment.

What Has Made Us Successful?



Kirkyl was originally asked to provide an engineered solution to re-build fallen chimneys in Christchurch. In developing the proprietary Kirkyl framing system and other associated products, it was soon discovered that the products were not only suitable for re-building damaged chimneys, but would be ideal for many additional applications. Kirkyl is now, not only known as a solution focused company, but a supplier of really good quality specialist building products. The need for increased strength in all structures has lead Kirkyl to develop a wall bracing system the Kirkyl “K” Brace.


"We have never come across a chimney brand as resilient and
efficient as Kirkyl Chimneys."

Andre Boiser - Engineer